Providing Various Types of Decorative, Stamped, and Colored Concrete Services

Remember the time when concrete only came in plain gray? You have a lot more choices in concrete these days. You can even make your new concrete driveway have a brick-like appearance! Count on Moyle Trucking & Excavating in Ishpeming, MI for amazing decorative, stamped, and colored concrete options.

We Can Stamp Any Decorative Patterns on Your Poured Concrete

You can choose from the many interesting and decorative patterns which our experienced professional can stamp accurately into your freshly poured concrete. You’ll love using this idea when planning your new driveway, sidewalk, patio, or floors. If you can dream it, you can get it!
Decorative Patterns

Choose From a Variety of Concrete Stamp Options

  • Cobblestone
  • Brick patterns
  • European fan
  • Border art
  • Slate or English Yorkstone
  • Custom stamps
Colored Concrete Services

Custom Colored Concrete

Choosing custom colors for your new concrete project can add just the right touch to the stamping patterns you’ve chosen. No one will believe that you have new concrete because it'll look like authentic cobblestone or brick, right down to the color!

Beautiful borders can be added as well, which will compliment both the stamping and color of the rest of your sidewalk or patio. You’ll want to hire us for these projects because it's absolutely a job for the professionals.
Call us to learn more about your decorative concrete options!

When you decide to use stamped or colored concrete, just call Moyle Trucking & Excavating to do the job right!

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