Superior Sand, Gravel, and Topsoil

Does stone or gravel fit into your landscaping plan? Be sure that you consider the uses of sand, gravel, and washed stone in that plan. You’ll be amazed at the positive result of using stone materials in your landscape. Contact Moyle Trucking & Excavating for top-quality sand, gravel, and topsoil!

Enhance Your Landscape With Washed Stone

If you’re planning an attractive, inviting lawn and garden space, materials like sand, washed stone, and gravel can be used as borders, pathways, and fences. If you want a virtually carefree landscape, you can use river stone or gravel as a decorative ground cover around the bushes and shrubs.

Perhaps, you’re thinking of a more functional plan, such as gravel for your driveways and parking areas or even for use in conjunction with your overall drainage plan. When you mix the harder look of stone with softer materials, such as grass, flowers or bushes, your garden and landscape will strike just the attractive balance you envisioned.
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Don’t Unintentionally Plant Weeds When You Put Down Your Topsoil

Screened topsoil is excellent for your lawn or flower beds because the loam has been filtered to eliminate roots, twigs, and seeds, which may become garden and lawn pests.
Adding screened topsoil to your lawn area just before you seed, will greatly enhance the development and growth of healthy grass. Mixing screened topsoil with your existing garden soil will enrich your beds and create more beautiful blooms.
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